Tuesday, December 29, 2009

hat better way to finish up Christmas Season than to go SLEDDING! We took Ninah out to see some real snow and try out our new SLED!

Chris and Elias looking rugged and snowy

Chris looking rugged and tired and the boys looking heavy!

The boys are sledding masters! We thought it was worth trying our first blog VIDEO just to show their mad skills!


The Goddard Family isn't serious about many things, but we ARE serious about snowball fights. The boys LOVE being pelted with snowballs -- they giggle and giggle until they can't breathe! And then they throw right back 'atcha!
Gabe is hindered in his snowball construction by mittens!

KA-Pow Ka-Bang!
Chris takes two to the head!

BooYah! Right in The Kisser
Kathy takes one where it counts!

THANK YOU to Ninah who took most of these and the previous post's photos! You Rock!

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hadjare said...

sledding on their own? What a set of adventurers! I also like the Christmas photos and the matching jammies...oh dear. Cute.