Sunday, April 27, 2008

New Pics!

We've been a little lax in our posting lately so for all you baby blog watchers, we have some recent pictures of the boys for you:

Gabe on the left, E on the right practicing our standing with their new table toy.

Enjoying our matching outfits. Do we look like twins or what?

Gabe saying "I'm done with naptime! Now what are we doing?"

Its always good practice to keep your toys and children organized!

When Dad feeds us right before bathtime, we get to try on our Avacado Mohawk!

The March for Babies

This weekend we participated in the March of Dimes March for Babies downtown at the state capital.

Thank you everyone for your generosity! With your donations, we were able to raise $1,100 to support research for premature babies and babies with birth defects. We marched with other twin and triplet moms as part of the El Dorado Hills Mothers of Multiples group that raised $2,340 for the cause.
Gabe and Elias are living proof that modern medicine and research can help premature babies live a happy and healthy life. Without recent developments in medicine, our babies would not be here with us today. So the boys would like to send everyone a bug hug and thank you for your support!!!!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Take Back The Blog

Greetings Blog-Watchers. Elias here! Tonight we have a change of plans -- Rather than the mommy or daddy writing this update, Gabe and I have hijacked the blog and are posting this one on our own. You'd think this would be difficult, but Gabriel and I have worked hard to exhaust the two big people. At this point they would sleep through a hurricane, so as long as we don't cry, we pretty much have the run of the house at night. Every couple of hours we head back to the crib and fuss a bit until they get up and rock us for a while...we like to keep them on their toes!

Okay, Gabriel typing now. Let's get down to business!

E and I wanted to write personally to encourage all of you to support us as we walk in the March of Dimes March for Babies this month. You may think our mom and dad put us up to this, but really it is all our doing. We signed up one night and put it on the calendar. Mom is so addled, she thinks she put it there. (Do we have these two figured out, or what?!?!?) The thing is, we think the March of Dimes is awesome! They support lifesaving research, services, education and advocacy that help babies get a healthy start -- especially premature babies. You may have not realize this, but we were once premature babies ourselves! No really, it's true! Here's some photographic evidence!

See -- we used to be TINY! Thanks to interventions funded by the March of Dimes, we survived being born 2 months early and went from these little guys to this:

You can sponsor our walk at:

We have our walking shoes on!