Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Rollin' With M' Homies

Last weekend, we attended our Bradley class reunion. It was fun to see all of the other healthy babies and mommas. In honor of the event, Chris picked up hoodies and cargo pants for the boys to wear with their Rock Star surfboard t-shirts. :-) They looked super-cute.
All the other babies at Bradley were much bigger than our boys (for obvious reasons.) and all their parents were raving about using their Bumbo chairs. So, of course, we rushed home to try and use ours. The boys are still a little small for them, but we had a fun photo session anyway. :-) The evidence is below...

Yo Holmes, I may have soiled my cargo pants,
I'm still a little gangsta'
Gabe sitting up

Yo-yo-yo, I don't think this chair provides enough lumbar support!

Elias sitting up

Gabriel and Daddy in an eye-to-eye staring contest

Heya Daddio!

Gabe & E fast asleep in their hoodies

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Ahhh...the joy of twins -- two of everything. Two happy smiles in the morning, two sets of kicking legs in the bouncy chairs, two sweet looks of love while nursing...and two gassy babies when you are trying to sleep at night. Somehow we have gone from having babies who sleep at the drop of a hat and stay asleep 4-5 hours at a time at night to two babies who don't want to sleep more than 1.5 hours...which pretty much means we are up every hour... what happened? we have no idea. All we know is this is the picture we took at 4am earlier this week:

Sleepy? Who's sleepy?

Despite all this, we have been having a lot of fun with the boys. Chris spent the weekend introducing them to sports -- both the Red Sox and the Patriots! As you can see, the boys really enjoyed this 'guy time.'

Daddy, Elias, & Gabriel
Elias is playing bongos on Gabe's head

Gabe happy to be resting with Chris
The boys are also embarking on a new-found singing career. Here they are being silly with tone-deaf mommy: Gabe & Elias

As you can see here, Elias is also considering a career in mountain climbing: Start with a small hill and work your way up!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Silly babies, blogs are for adult!

So, I'm sure you sit around at home and think, "Gosh, I wonder what's going on at the Goddard Home." Chances are good that no matter when you have that thought, the answer is, "babies are nursing." That seems to be pretty much what we do now -- we nurse...all.the.time. Kathy thinks we may be experiencing a growth spurt... instead of having these last 2-3 day, we were warned by twin mommies that they will take about a week because even a small increase for two babies is pretty intense... So Kathy and the boys and the couch seem to be permenantly attached to one another.

All this together time has happened right as the boys' personalities are really beginning to emerge. Both boys are really happy and easy-going. Both do big smiles of recognition for mommy & daddy. Elias seems to be very silly -- he loves to make faces and see mom imitate them. He will also find any excuse to let loose a goofy grin and seems to be working very hard on learning how to giggle. In contrast, Gabriel seems more focused and intent. He will often stare open-mouthed at whoever is talking to him as if he is trying very hard to understand the words. Gabe also seems to enjoy being held/carried more. While Elias likes the MayaWrap sling-style carrier, Gabe prefers the Baby Bjorn or MaiTei carrier that keeps him upright. His favorite thing seems to be watching from a comfy place on mom & dad's chest.

Both boys also seems to really enjoy music/singing (something that is new in the last 2 weeks.) Kathy promptly signed them both up for a Music Together class. It is chaotic to try and sing, dance, and nurse two babies at once in class, but we are making a go of it nonetheless. :-) If nothing else, it makes a good show for the other moms and kiddos! :-)

We have also been trying hard to capture the boys personalities on film. Here are some examples:

Elias making faces with mom.

Gabe intently watching Daddy

Boys will be Boys

Gabe takes a swing at silly Elias

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Surviving Solo

WOW -- who knew babies could be this much fun? Gabe and Elias have started coming out of their infant shell this week and have become more interactive and joyful. Both boys clearly recognize Chris and are excited to see him. We don't know if it is the glasses, the facial hair, or the dry sense of wit, but both Gabe and Elias get all smiley and silly when they see Chris. It is fun to watch!

Making faces with Daddy

So anyone who has visited us knows that each week, Chris does the "week in review" -- a slideshow of the week's photos on the television. (Yes, we are total baby geeks.) This week's week in review was great. It reminded us that we are proud to survive our first week without extra family help. We made it (barely)! Overall, we are all doing well, but we did notice some themes in this week's photo review. Let's say we were a little drowsy...

Gabe sleeping with Mommy

Gabe sleeping with Daddy

We are proud that both babies are still with us and thriving. We haven't even lost them... Okay... there was that 10 minutes where we couldn't find Elias...Elias with New Friends