Monday, October 27, 2008

Cowboy Up!

Hey thare Pard's! It is Halloween time around these here parts. We don't want no spooks, ghouls, nor ghosts in our corral, so we hired the best cowboys in the west to protect our homestead!
Elias (with trusty steed Pampers) is the fastest draw in the west

Gamblin' Gabriel always knows when t' hold 'em!

Ya'll think you can take 'em? These bohys look perty tough t' me!

Hi-Ho Pampers -- Awwaaaayyyy!

Awwwhhh shucks ma'am -- Saving Goddardtown tain't much! Wh' doncha come set a piece with us an' we'll tell ya' al'bout it?

Do ya' feel lucky?
The Eyes of Elias Are Upon You!

Day at the Orchard

We spent the day at Apple Hill -- a local area with tons of orchards and pumpkin patches. We had a great time running through the trees, rolling around with the pumpkins and taking photos.

Ahhh, we have found the illusive stick and rock. Now our day can begin!

Gabriel looks fabulous in this 1978 Sears Catalog ensemble

Awwhh Shucks, Mom said if I didn't take a bath, I'd grow a corn in all that dirt, but I didn't think it would happen this soon!!!
Elias tickles his fancy

Shadows of the Men

Sunday, October 12, 2008


Chris has been doing a lot of photography lately. He is taking some really cool photos lately -- like this one or this one or this one. Pretty cool, huh? Photos like this have two things in common -- 1. They are terrific photographs taken by my husband, and 2. They are not photos of my children! Sometimes this bothers me, since we invested in our camera and a sherpa-load of gear to take pic's of da babiez. Fortunately, Chris occasionally looks up from the camera after shooting our smokey backyard, sees his children, and snaps one or two of them to. And when he does, he does a darn good job...

Elias swingin' in the breeze...

Gabe hangs ten on the playground.

Taking a moment to relax with brother.

Gabriel -- 16 months old

Elias -- 16 months old

Elephants = Fun

We had a fabulous time with Ninah here last month. We even went to the Circus! The boys actually watched the entire show and had an AWESOME time.
...But you will have to take our word for it, because unfortunately, Ninah has most of the photos.

After the Circus, we went needed to run off some energy at a local hotel on the water.
AAAAHHHHHH I ssssaaatttt sssstttiiilllll for almosssst ttthhhhhreeeeeee hhoouuurrssss!
Wait -- isn't this supposed to be a baby blog?!?! Who are these big boys???
Believe it or not, that's Elias!

Elias in motion (as always)

Gabe gettin' his chill on