Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Cute Photo Post!

We try and update the blog to include major events and holidays that we would be spending with family if we lived closer. But sometimes the best moments are the cute ones that just happen spontaneously. Here are some of our favorites from the past month:
The boys really enjoy playing together. In the past 6 weeks, this has gone from parallel play to actual interactive back and forth, together games. Often they will go and get their brother to show them the new thing they can do/have found. They love to giggle together!
Sharing the toy table in Texas. We both stand like big boys!

Mom and Dad were trying to organize the nursery, but the boys decided they had to sort themselves first. :-) (E on the left)

Sure Mom, we'll empty the dishwasher for you! (Gabe on floor)

One of their favorite games is, Can we both fit in ...? You can fill in the blank -- Can we fit in this box? ...under the exersaucer? the dog dish?

Can we both fit in the puzzle shelf?

Can we both fit in Mommy's suitcase?

Gabe shows off his surfer moves!

We bought this inflatable duck soon after the boys were born as a second bathtub. It has quickly become a favorite toy. The boys love to climb in and out of it, have daddy pull them around the room in it, let mommy cover them with balls in it, etc. Here's some photos of duck-luvin'

Horray! We love to sit together.
Gabe in front, E in back

Whoa Daddy! Faster Faster! (E in back, Gabe in front)

In homage to the upcoming Batman movie this summer, we took these blueberry photos. The boys remind us of Heath Ledger as the Joker! :-) Such cuteness must be evil!

Mwah-Ha-Ha-Ha -- Gabe practices his maniacal laugh!

What are you laughin' at? Elias is scary sweet!

Our friends Noel and Kamden shared one of Kamden's favorite cruising toys with us -- a red wagon push toy. The boys LOVE IT. They like to get in and ride while someone pushes and to stand like big boys on either side of the push bar.

Thank You Kamden! Elas on floor, Gabe in the wagon

Father's Day!

Our second Father's day was last weekend. Chris wanted to go for a hike and a picnic, so after breakfast out we headed up to Donnor lake in the Sierras. We read about the Donnor party in the park museum, did a quick nature hike and headed out to the lake to eat and look around. It was a lovely day and the boys really enjoyed the daddy time.

The Great Guy himself -- packin' baby on his back!

Gabe looks pensive in the outdoors

The Pioneer Monument at the Donnor State Park.

(Kathy likes to point out that the mama is nursing!) :-)

Whew! That was a longer hike than I thought!


For their first birthday, Daddy got the boys a baby-pool. Sometimes it is filled with balls for their own ball pit, but sometimes it is filled with water for fun in the sun. Mom and Dad quickly learned that we LOVE to swim!

Boys show off their cool pool skills
(E on left, Gabe on right)
Our community has it's own pool area -- including an 18 inch baby pool just right for little guys. We started taking the boys last weekend in anticipation of our big trip to Maine. They LOVE pool time with mom and dad.
Dipping our toes with Mommy -- They look like the albino twins...
(E in blue hat)

Rough-housing with Daddy! What do you think of our fashionable sun hats?

We Turn One!

Gabriel is one year old! Elias is one year old! Horray! We are a little late to post photos, but here is the celebration. We can't believe it has been a year since our gorgeous boys were born -- or that they went from 3lb & 4lb preemies to 16+lb little boys. We feel so lucky that we all made it this far!

Happy Birthday to You!
Gluten-free, dairy-free, sugar-free apple cake with avacado icing

At first we were a little hesitant...

But then we dug right in! Yum!

Monday, June 16, 2008

One Is Silver and the Other Gold...

Another perk of going to Texas was seeing some of my Kathy's oldest and closest friends. She grew up on the same steet with Jennifer and Brenda -- both of whom are grown up with lives and families of their own! We also got to meet Brenda's kiddos. Gabe and Elias LOVED meeting so many new friends.

Elias sharing with Fi.

Oe. pusing Gabe in our first annual walker races.

Kathy and Jennifer with babies!

We also saw lots of family in Texas! The boys met Kathy's grandma, Nanny -- who quickly won them over with her horsey magic:

Ride' em Cowboy!

Finally, Kathy's sister Rachel, Uncle Gary, Aunt Rachel, and cousins Josh and Anna joined us for the San Antonio March of Dimes Walk for Babies. (That's right! We did double the walking!) Ninah had a poster made for our team and it was mounted about half-way through the walk!

Look at those dedicated walkers! We raised a bunch more money for the March of Dimes!

Fun Time with Ninah

So the boys and Kathy decided suddenly to take a trip to see Ninah in Texas. We all had an amazing time, thanks in large part to Ninah's help and hospitality. By the time we left, the boys were asking for their Ninah! Here are some shots of Ninah "in the trenches":

Bathtime in the sink!!! Ninah washes one baby while entertaining the other. What a pro!

Gabriel shows Ninah some tips for getting out those tough diaper stains!

Playing Piano with Ninah -- we LOVE anythin that makes noise! (Elias left, Gabe right)

hrmmm... who looks most ready for bed in this picture?

Mother's Day

We are sssooo behind on our blog posts!! Hopefully we can catch up a little today! Without further adieu, we backtrack to Mother's Day. The boys gave me some beautiful plants, Chris made me breakfast and we went for a hike to some local falls. The hike was in more remote area than we though but after bumping the Prius down 5 miles of mountain-side dirt road, we had a wonderful hike by the river.
Gabe on mom's back. What a nice shady place to snuggle!
Chris has switched out the bjorn for the baby backpack. He likes it, but the boys LOVE it! They look like little Rajas riding on an elephant.

Onward my large-footed mount!