Monday, May 26, 2008

Red Sox Nation Unite!

Yesterday was a very special day for the boys as they attended their first Red Sox game. Being long time (let's say almost 12 months) fans of the Red Sox, Gabe and Elias were very excited to see the Red Sox play live. They played the Oakland A's at McAfee Collesium during a Sunday afternoon game. The boys were a little nervous cheering against the home team and expected to have some beer thrown on them from other baby A's fans. But alas, Red Sox Nation is everywhere and about 40% of the fans in the stands were cheering for the Sox! The game started with a homer from Big Papi:
We had good seats in left field where we could see all of the action. We also got to be close to BoSox left-fielder Manny Ramirez. True to form, Manny bobbled an easy pop up to left, dropped the ball and turned an easy out into a triple. This of course lead to a run for the A's. But later in the game, Manny drove in two of the Sox's three runs. I guess we really don't pay him to catch. Ah....Manny being Manny. The boys like the action but the heat was a little much for them so we watched a few innings from inside the stadium.

Here's Kathy walking around with Elias. A random Red Sox fan thought he was so cute and that it was so special that it was his first Red Sox game, he had to take E's picture. (If you look in the background, there's even two guys wearing Red Sox jerseys)
Here's Chris and Gabe making the rounds during the game. We may not have lasted the whole game and the Sox did end up losing 6-3, but we had a great time and Red Sox nation grew by two today.