Thursday, December 10, 2009

We Survived the Thanksgiving 2009 Swine Flu Epidemic!

So, Grandma and Gramps came from Boston for Thanksgiving! We were so excited, we gave them the Swine Flu!!! That's right. All six of us got a HORRIBLE, debilitating case of the flu just in time for the biggest eating holiday of the year. It was a gas! (HardeeHarHar!) We still had fun though and enjoyed recuperating together.

Gramps and the boys and their Dragon enjoy a long winter's nap.

Gabriel and Gramps get their chill on together

Just because we were sick doesn't mean we didn't still have fun! The boys still had lots of smiles to share in between the fevers and naps!
Gabriel giggles his way to the top

Grandma teaches us how to play Uno-Moo (Now a daily favorite!)

Sick? Who's Sick?
Gabe gets his giggles on

Elias and his froggy go a-courtin'

If this is us when we're grouchy, you should see us when we feel good!
Gabriel (L) Elias (R)

Elias shows Gramps how important dental hygiene is for overall health!

By the end of the week, we were all (sloooowwwwllllyyy) beginning to mend. The boys were also beginning to grow! Check out these teenager-wannabes!
Big boys!
Gabe (L) Elias (R)

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