Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Ninah Fun in Florida

Ninah hosted our terrific vacation in Florida and spent two and a half weeks helping Kathy herd the boys through their daily chaos and fun. Ninah always makes gingerbread men with the boys. Each visit they participate a little more in the baking process.

Licking the Bowl Was Our Favorite Part This Time!
(Gabe with spoon, E is staring enviously at the bowl.)

We also had a good time visiting Aunt Rachel and Uncle Justin in Dallas. The humans are fun, but cousin Bella the Mastiff is always the favorite!
Bella, Gabe, Elias & Ninah -- Can We Fit Anything Else On This Couch?
A Partridge In A Pear Tree, Perhaps?

We had a fabulous time!

Monday, March 23, 2009

Family Fun!

One of the best parts of our trip to Florida was getting to see some of Kathy's extended families -- including cousins and their children who we hadn't met! Fortunately the boys weren't too shy and jumped in with the other kids!
Cousin Love!
Andy gives Gabe a big lifting hug

The Boys Anchor the Stroller Viewing Line with Molly & Clay (peeping from behind)

Spring Break on the Redneck Riviera broke out while we were visiting. It turns out that giggling toddlers running around on the beach is a calling beacon for co-ed hotties. Interestingly enough, some family members seemed more interested to test this theory...
Great Uncles Bill & Gary Reaping the Many Benefits of Babysitting!

And of course, we always love getting to see great Grandma and Grandpa and playing in the garden by their house!
Dang! Thems Some Good Lookin' Genes!
Four Generations of Hauns! (Ice Cream Parlors Beware!)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Grandma 'n Gramps Do Florida...the Hard Way.

The boys spent a month in Florida over the past few weeks -- They were chillin' on the beach in Destin for a few weeks with many soon-to-be-featured family members. Our first breezy week, Grandma and Gramps joined us from Massachusetts. February in Florida is cold, but not too cold for the beach!

Grandma and Gabe Share A Smile

Elias Realizes That Gramps Is As Cool As He Is Tall
(Gramps is teaching E how to use pockets for the first time. E is enraptured with the idea and mom now has to empty his pockets every day.)

Da Boyz Get Down -- Yeah, Work It!
(One of the Boys' Favorite Games Involved Dancing to the Ringtones on Gramps' Blackberry)

We're Baaaa-aaaackkkkkk

WOW! What a busy few months! We are finally back to the blogosphere! We have ssssooooo many adventures to share that we just didn't know where to start -- so we'll start with the now update.

Kathy was sure that toddlerhood would be a trial -- a terrible pain to be survived. Low and behold TODDLERS RULE! They walk, they run, they talk, they play games, they give hugs, they laugh and laugh and laugh and make you laugh and laugh and laugh.

On that note -- some big, cute, funny toddlers!

Gabriel's Sneaky Smile

Elias says,"Where's my hat, yo?"

Making Daddy Laugh (& Work Out!)

Okay -- more to come -- Florida Family Festivities, Grandma's Galore, Christmas Craziness, San Diego Super Vacation & Thanksgiving...uh...thanky-stuff with the Burmeister-Mortons! Stay tuned!