Saturday, October 31, 2009

August Aquarium Visit

Back in August, we went to the Explorium with Ninah and her twin sister, Aunt Jan. Here are some of our favorite photos from the trip!
Ninah Tries to Rein in a Crazy Free Range Toddler on the Sahara

Aunt Jan Puzzles the Great Mysteries of Life With The Boys

Touch Tanks Are Meant for GENTLE Touching... We're Still Working On That!

I LOVE a Fun Day With My Brother!
(Gabriel Up Front, Elias In Back)

I Can't Even Caption It! It's Just TOO CUTE!


We haven't been up here in a LONGGGGG time, but tonight we had something so cute, it would have been criminal not to post: Halloween Pictures!!!!

We've had a busy Halloween season -- punctuated by many different costumes and LOTS of fun! Last night we went to the Great Pumpkin Drop in Old Town Auburn -- dressed as a ladybug and fireman. Unfortunately, Kathy didn't have the forethought to get photos of that! But she did get photos of us going to Halloween storytime this morning!

Jus' Hangin' 'Round The Corral, Ya'll

Howdy Pa'dna' -- Cowpoke Elias Needs a Nap!
(You may want to take a sec to look back and compare these kids to the ones wearing the same costumes last year!

But these were all Practice costumes, because last week when we asked the boys what they wanted to be for Halloween, they clearly said, "A Fire Engine" and "A Balloon." So... after much head scratching, this is what Chris and Kathy came up with:

Brace Yourself Folks,
This Kind of Cuteness Can Have Unwanted Side Effects

Elias checks for showers before taking off to the skies!

Four-Alarm Cuteness Straight Ahead!

Who Called For Fire Chief Gabe???
And for those of you who are wondering, the amazing, magnificent Daddy-Chris made that Fire Engine! And he will make you one too -- for the low-low price of $1999.99

Look out Monkeyman; E's Tongue is Comin' for you!

You may be wondering just how we convinced twin two-year-olds to wear bulky,cumbersome costumes while walking around in the presence of strangers. We used an ancient, powerful parenting move -- passed down from generations of masters who came before us. And, though we are hesitant to share such precious information in such a public forum, we have decided to do just that. Ladies and gentlemen, that sacred move is...

...the Lollipop Bribe!
That's right -- for 2 hours, we roamed the streets of Georgetown appeasing the cries of our toddlers with sugar -- slowly absorbed through the stickiness smeared on their hands, face and hair.

This Sugar High Feels Goooooooood!

Edited to Add: While Gabe remained quietly engrossed in his lollipop throughout the Trick'r'Treating experience, Elias came progressively more and more out of his shell. He started out silent, and then started whispering (and eventually YELLING) "Trick Or Treat!" anytime the big kids were around and he felt worried he wouldn't be noticed. This morphed into long stories to strangers about the candy they had just given him and his favorite candy from earlier in the evening (e.g. "You give me Lollipop and big candy. I have three big lollipop!") By the end of the night, he was reduced to once again ignoring the people giving out candy while promptly and loudly telling Chris and Kathy, "I go find MORE CANDY now!"