Monday, September 22, 2008

We need two more library cards!

There has been lots of reading around the Goddard home these days.  The boys have decided that books are indeed fun items to look at -- not just tasty treats to eat.  So the scholarly investigations have begun in earnest.  Here is Elias combining two of his favorite past times -- a rousing game of "can I fit" and a terrific book.
Lookout professional FRFB Tour*!  We have a champion in the making!

Our daddy is a Reading Stud!

Ninah outlines the major literary themes in Goodnight Gorilla

*FRFB Tour = Federation of Reading Fitting Babies

Monday, September 15, 2008

The Many Faces of E

Last Saturday, Chris was spent the whole day solo with the boys while Kathy attended a board meeting.  He and the boys had a great time together.  After they were done playing poker, eating at Hooters, and practicing their favorite swear words, Chris decided to have a photo shoot with Elias.  Apparently, our boy is someday destined for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition... 
Hey Baby, Can you get the bartender to refill my sippy cup?

Grrrr -- You are a Tiger!

Awwwhhh Shucks - I'm just a coy farm boy

Oh, You're so silly!

We asked Gabe what he thought of all the malarky.  His response?