Tuesday, August 28, 2007

So Quiet

I am writing this update in a very quiet house! No one except me and two sleeping babies. *sigh* Ninah left this week after three terrific months of help. Between her and the assistance of Chris' parents, aunts, friends, etc. we have had a terrific first few months of babies. And we are set to have many more successful months to come. (In the immediate future, we have two freezers full of frozen home-made food -- wow!)

Gabe & Elias

As you can see, the boys are doing great. They get bigger each day. They spend their days snoozing, playing and breastfeeding. We have minimized bottles and only do them when convenient -- before bed and in the middle of the night. This means that Kathy has drastically cut back on her pumping -- usually only 3 times per day. Lots more free time for blog updates! :-)

We have had a few questions about how the dogs are taking the change. Both are adjusting to less daily attention. Ruby remains interested in the babies and giving them generous, wet kisses when allowed. ;-) Sassy is more restrained and seems nervous about the many noises that the boys make. Below is a rare moment of her cuddling while Kathy nurses.

Sassifrass protecting the Nursing Environment
Finally, we've had a lot of visitors this week as well. Aunt MaryLou came to town and learned that...*drumroll*please* the boys have RED HIGHLIGHTS in their hair! Anyone who knows Kathy knows that she has always said she would have red-headed twins. The boys' hair is being touted as evidence of the existance of God and/or Kathy's psychic abilities -- depending on who you talk to. :-) Below are the boys with a fellow red head!

Twins with Great Aunt MaryLou Loaker

Here is our friend Robert with his namesake:

Robert with Elias Robert

(yes, we have a serious fascination with facial hair!)

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Big Boys get BIGGER!!

The boys have gotten so much bigger in the past few weeks. Both are officially twice their birthweight. Elias is 8+ lbs and Gabriel is more than 7 lbs. WOW Time really flies. Kathy has been working hard on the feeding. Yesterday we started and experiment in feeding with Elias -- a babymoon. We let him feed on demand all day long with no bottle top offs. All went well and he even gained an oz in the morning! So the breastfeeding is finally looking up. We aren't getting our hopes up too high though. This morning he was back to his old, formerly pokey rate of intake...

Gabriel with Gramps
comparing head wrinkles

Elias with Grandma

What a big boy!

What a rollar coaster ride this has been. Even with all the feeding excitement and having parents in town, things haven't all been easy. Chris has been sick and everyone has been having trouble sleeping. This makes for a punch drunk state for the entire house! :-) Below is Sassy demonstrating our point:

Sassy rooting for her team & sleeping on the nursing pillow

Grandma & Gramps!

What a fun week for the boys! Grandma has been here for three weeks. This last week Chris' father, Glenn, aka Gramps joined her for some baby fun. The boys really enjoyed all the special holding time and attention.

The Two Glenns
Gramps with Gabriel

Silly, squirmy babies!

Grandma & Gramps Goddard with Gabe & Elias

The boys were sad to see them leave -- but Kathy and Chris were even sadder. It was so nice to have their help and support for the past few days and weeks. We can't wait until it is time to get together again soon!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

non-photo update (is it even worth it?!?)

So, photos tell a lot, but they don't necessarily say what is going on with the boys. Overall, they are getting bigger and stronger each day. Elias is about 7 lbs 11 oz and Gabriel is 6 lbs 15 oz Both boys are trying very hard to corral their huge heads. They are more successful each day and have taken to lifting their heads during burping sessions. They stare up at us as if to say, "Must we do this again?!?" Also, Elias turned over all on his own today. He managed to coordinate his hands and legs to throw his body over while in the pack & play. He looked more shocked than we were!

On the feeding front, the news is mixed. We saw a IBCLC who specializes in premies and twins. She broke the news that the boys will need to "make up" for the time they didn't get to develop in the womb, and we can't realistically expect them to be 100% nursing until 8 weeks post-due date. This was pretty difficult for Kathy to hear, since her life for the last 10 weeks has been ruled by a pump in the hopes that the boys will be breastfeeding by their due date. (Afterall, this is what the past 4 LC's had led us to expect...) Ahh well... No one said motherhood was easy and Kathy is swiftly developing a soft spot for all the milk cows of the world...

The boys are getting out more in the world these days. They have attended two playgroups (one for multiples and one in the local community.) They have also been to both Chris and Kathy's workplaces for meet & greet events. Both boys behaved splendidly at Kathy's work, while both cried (and pooped loudly) at Chris' workplace. :-) Smart kids!

We have all enjoyed having Chris' mom, Maureen, in town for the past two weeks. Maureen is easy to get along with and fun to have around. Both grandma's have filled the boys social calendars with lots of talking and tummy time. It is always nice to have so many arms willing to rock/feed/change a baby... or two... around the clock. This week we are looking forward to the arrival of Chris' father, Glenn (aka Gramps!) He thinks this will be a vacation, but boy do we have a surprise in store for him!!!! Life at camp Goddard Twins is non-stop action!


The boys have been lucky enough to have lots of visitors in their first months. (Mom and Dad really appreciate the help as well.) Most recently, Grandma has been here for the last 2 weeks and will be joined by Gramps this week. The boys LOVE to have the extra set of hands.

Grandma on her first night with both boys.

Grandma with Elias

They boys' Great Aunt Jan also came for a visit (and boy, is she great!) This gave us lots of opportunities for twin/twin photos! :-)

Twins, Twins, Twins

Gabriel & Elias with Ann & Jan and a photo of Earl and Pearl.

Three generations of Haun twins!

Aunt Jan with Gabriel

Long Time, No Photos!

WOW! So much has happened since we last posted. Hopefully someone is still checking on things! Both boys are clearly no longer premie babies, but big boys! Below are some photos to show how much they've grown!

Remember little Gabriel with the HUGE eyes and chicken-wing limbs?

Well, here he is!
A big filled-out baby!
How about sleepy Elias who can't stay awake for a full feeding?
He is active and meeting new friends!

Big boys!

Cuddling Brothers