Monday, October 27, 2008

Cowboy Up!

Hey thare Pard's! It is Halloween time around these here parts. We don't want no spooks, ghouls, nor ghosts in our corral, so we hired the best cowboys in the west to protect our homestead!
Elias (with trusty steed Pampers) is the fastest draw in the west

Gamblin' Gabriel always knows when t' hold 'em!

Ya'll think you can take 'em? These bohys look perty tough t' me!

Hi-Ho Pampers -- Awwaaaayyyy!

Awwwhhh shucks ma'am -- Saving Goddardtown tain't much! Wh' doncha come set a piece with us an' we'll tell ya' al'bout it?

Do ya' feel lucky?
The Eyes of Elias Are Upon You!

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Anonymous said...

ADORABLE pictures!!! Love, Karen